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Talenti is an Italian company specialized in the design and realization of outdoor furniture that combines elegance, functionality and quality. The Talenti collections, signed by international designers, such as Karim Rashid, Marco Acerbis, Ramón Esteve, Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, offer products for dining and living characterized by a strong reference to the indoor world, suitable both for contract projects and for residential ones. Talenti range is vast and diversified: fixed and modular sofa, armchairs, loungers, chairs, dining and coffee tables, but also accessories such as lamps,planters, outdoor rugs and parasols. Over the years the company has shown increasing attention to the world of design and today offers with its collections products that can satisfy not only the most classic tastes, but also the most contemporary ones. In consolidating its identity Talenti has proven over time to be very attentive to the global market and currently is present in about 40 countries with a qualified and articulated sales network. Every year the company also participates in the main trade fairs in the sector and its products are chosen for international fit out.



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  • Talenti history starts in 2004 with Fabrizio Cameli who, after spending some years in the old family marble company, decides to create his own reality in the production of outdoor furniture. He uses his skills acquired in the marble working to create very high quality outdoor furniture in a classical style.

    He called this reality Talenti. He chose the name just for fun, it was proposed by his friends who esteem and consider him a true talent in his job. Fabrizio sees in this name the throbbing heart of his business idea: he wants a company which stands out just for its talent and creativity, which is able to keep its ambitious promises, always starting from humility.

    And it is just like that: Talenti immediately stands out for its powerful inclination for art. The first collections are classic: elegant products with an antique flavor inlaid with earthenware stones often personalized both in shapes and colors. It is not so obvious: its competitors do not do that; they never really get close to people’s desires.

    Very good results and prestigious consents come soon.

    In 2007, during the economic crisis that affects the whole country, Talenti speeds up its intuitions: something is changing and we cannot lag behind.

    Therefore, other lines are studied, this time with a contemporary style (opposite to those produced up to that moment), and presented in the same year during a trade fair in Paris.

    courageous and visionary choice that is repaid and confirmed even 7 months later, in Milan when, risking the criticism of clients accustomed to the soft and elegant lines of the classic style, Talenti presents its contemporary collection at Salone del Mobile in Milan, the most important international event in the world of furniture.

    For this launch, Talenti chooses Karim Rashid, designer who at that time enjoyed great support from the market.

    The products realized together with the American designer are a success; the collaboration with Rashid consecrates Talenti as one of the leading players in the outdoor living market. It is the first step of the journey that gets Talenti closer to several internationally renowned designers, authors of such collections that allow the company to enter new European and Worldwide scenarios.

    Today Talenti is developing and spreading the brand all over the world. At the base of every business action and operation, there are the customers, the team, agents and each person who comes into contact with this big family.

    Talenti’s team work with great enthusiasm and harmony doing their best every day; it has always been like that and it always will be.

  • Outdoor living areas that are living rooms on the world, tables and chairs inspiring relax and comfort, accessories designed to live the space in a complete and functional way.

    These are Talenti’s products: products in which design and research come together to create original and innovative objects.


    Talenti realizes furnishings that are first of all original in their form: they are always refined lines that do not exist anywhere in the market, do not resemble anything, they are furniture with authentic shapes that reflects a minimal and elegant style. It is thanks to the designers who choose and are chosen by Talenti, who share the company philosophy and give prestige to the collections: thanks to their genius they deliver products that become real life styles.


    The materials interact with the environment and have important features: they are stronger and resistant to UV rays and sudden temperature changes, they are water and fire proof. Fabrics, textiles, aluminum, steel, textilene and wood are shaped and used to become the expression of great outdoor design.

    Passion and care are the driving force of every piece of furniture or accessory created by the Company.


    At Talenti every professional, from the production to the management, from the marketing to the logistic offices, carries out his work with great dedication and love; at Talenti even if there are no starting times all arrive on time, they are reliable and trustworthy people, they work so hard on projects that they do not feel the time passing while they dedicate themselves to them.


    Starting from the letterhead used in the fairs in which it participates, Talenti takes care of everything with the same dedication and attention. Elegance and uniqueness go through the details.
    It means to solve technical problems but also make designers fall in love with an idea, Talenti always thinks about people working in its projects and about those who will use them.

    Discover Talenti’s collection:


  • There are 4 pillars on which Talenti leans its whole world on.


    You have a talent when you have an urgency of expression that meets a strong inclination, an ability to be yourself, imagine and achieve. Talent’s universe is built around people, men and women, who bring their talent to the company to make it shine. To put together the design, the production, the warehouse, the administrative office, there are people who have a light inside and who are here to take it out.


    Rather than being a Company, Talenti is a family.

    Those who work with the company become part of a family in which the work relationship is not reduced to the execution of tasks but includes respect and responsibility for the work of the others, shared successes in a personal commitment without which we could not have achieved the great results of these years.

    Behind important business results there are solid and sincere bonds that make Talenti a company made of people. Thanks to this thought, Talenti manages to conceive and create furnishings that come to life and become pieces of stories that are used by other people.


    Always looking forward is an attitude, a philosophy, a challenge.

    Talenti loves discovering trends, taming materials, working on the design to meet the needs of those who will use those chairs, those tables, those furnishing accessories. Research and experimentation are the motivation to always find new solutions and thus improve the comfort, resistance and usability, to try and apply materials and finishes that combined together become original, full of charm and increasingly functional.


    Exclusive. Talenti’s products are exclusive; they bear the signature of designers who share with the company the idea and inspiration for the creativity and the predisposition to elegance. It is an all-Italian elegance that speaks a refined language of outdoor furniture.

    Thanks to clean and well-studied lines, Talenti’s furniture meets the minimal style with sophisticated taste, making this unusual union natural. Original, always capable of surprising, Talenti’s furniture never disappoints the expectations, just like every Italian product worthy of this name.

  • Ludivica+Roberto Palomba, Ramón Esteve, Karim Rashid, Cristian Visentin, Marco Acerbis, Roberto Serio.
    6 names, 6 designers, 6 Talenti.

    Talenti chose them to redesign the rules of the outdoor living.

    A laborious research that focused on 3 essential criteria: a great openness of mind, an insatiable curiosity and a talent out of the ordinary.

    Talenti’s designers have genius, creativity and style. They create products with an elegant look, offer solutions for materials and shapes, and face with the technical department to see how to shape their ideas.

    Their style is in the prestigious ICON catalog that contains their creations.


    Casilda Collection by Ramón Esteve...

  • Plain geometries and warming lightning, captivanting fabrics and neutral palette. Everything is in its right place. Casilda collection sums up every iconic features of the designer, finding a perfect balance between materials and shapes. A new istant classic has born.


    Cleo Alu Collection by Marco Acerbis...

  • The leading principle of Cleo Alu collection is the creation of a young and dynamic product, which would attract the observer through an emotional involvement. The visual perception strikes the senses directly. Cleo alu collection is driven by the desire to experiment with contrasts and unique combinations of different materials: the lightness of the aluminum, the modernity of concrete surfaces and the amazing elegance of fabrics contribute to create a collection that fits perfectly with any style or outdoor space. The vivid colours of fabrics, the generous and proportionated dimensions of the seat ensure a high seating comfort and are instantly mood lifting. A chic and trendy collection with a fresh and modern flavour able to add a touch of glam and a youthful vivacity to any space.


    Cliff Collection by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba...

  • An ideal blend of unusual material matching and the endless pursuit of new ways of expression, Cliff collection is synonym of great versatility. The details, made with woven nautical ropes and fabrics with geometrical patterns, convey a sense of playfulness with a super glamour touch. The chromatic shades combined with the modularity of the structures allow various shape combinations.


    Cottage Collection by Ramón Esteve...

  • The countryside mood is redesigned aiming at searching the formal synthesis of the contemporary furniture. The result is a proposal of outdoor furniture pieces, where materials such as aluminum and technical fabrics coexist with more traditional ones such as the rope, that emotionally connect user’s mind.


    Moon Alu Collection by Cristian Visentin...

  • The elegance and the sinuous forms of the Moon Teak combined to the practicality of the aluminum frames give life to the Moon Alu. Clean lines are enhanced by comfy paddings in different shades of grey that are perfectly adaptable to your home furniture. Moon Alu collection is simultaneously warm and appealing, stylish and tempting. A range of armchairs, sofas and tables with a practical functionality combined to a timeless elegance.


    Moon Alu Collection by Cristian Visentin...

  • The day bed, thanks to its half moon shape, recalls the two-seater sofa and has its same backrest structure.
    The wider seat cushion permit a complete relax.

    The structure is in aluminium covered with a braiding of ropes in a grey synthetic fabric. Cushions with a removable fabric, easy to wash and resistant to weather resistant. Quick dry foam padding.


    Trocadéro Collection by Ramón Esteve...

  • This Collection is inspired by the furniture that characterized the Parisian terraces at the beginning of the 20th century. The furniture of this collection revisit the stylistic features of that era, preserving its romanticism. The simple lines of Trocadéro make the collection contemporary and able to adapt to both public and private spaces. The materials chosen are in line with current trends: aluminum for the bended frame and “pendant” or natural teak armrests. The slats, placed according to asymmetric barcode-style, make Trocadéro a collection with a unique and timeless design. The chairs and bar tables are part of the collection.


    Jackie Collection...

  • Jackie collection includes a wide range of accessories and enhances any environment. The care and attention of weaving by hand meet the creative design and comfort that distinguish all Talenti products. The result is the new Jackie collection.


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